About me


I am a French-Guadeloupean visual artist residing in London.

My artwork is diverse in subject matter, style and technique. Photography is the catalyst for my artistic expression, and I often combine it with other media such as ink, paint or other processes to achieve the desired results.

I like to work in series and create cohesive bodies of work. This enables me to explore topics more deeply and from a variety of perspectives.

Some of my visual narratives are undoubtedly influenced by my Afro-Caribbean heritage and historical interest in the Diaspora. A love for nature, literature and travelling also transpires in my work.

My influences are first and foremost everything I see, feel and experience. Each collection becomes a visual journal, revealing my emotional reactions to life experiences.

My school is that of life, which I fully embrace with all it has to offer.

In 2014, I received an honourable mention at the Monochrome Awards for self-portrait 'Falling with grace’. ‘Fearless’, a portrait from the same collection, was selected as finalist for the May 2014 Shoot The Face Award.

This year, monochrome nude photograph 'Sensuelle' received an honourable mention at the Neutral Density Photography Awards 2018 and at the Monochrome Awards 2018.




"Thank you for allowing us to host such an amazing collection of work" The Living Room, W1


"Your visions are enchantingly graceful, poignant and purposely philosophical. A beautiful endeavour into the meaning of Art" Jan@ Gisella-B


"AJ Silistrie’s photographs are framed with equivocation and an illusory depth...AJ, consistently presents a body of work which exudes an aura of curiosity and provocation." Gus Franklyn-Bute, Editor-in-Chief of ACU|BIEN



"Dr. Lea Haynes interviews London-based artist AJ Silistrie. Read the interview, featuring Silistrie’s thought-provoking images, exclusively for ARC Magazine"



May 2014 SHOOT THE FACE Finalist


Honourable mention at




Honourable mention at 2018 ND Awards





March 2018 Artbox Project NYC


July 2018 URBAN ART FAIR Brixton, London



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